CANVER PLV, S.L. Conscious of the importance of preserving the environment and of the commitment to satisfy the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and continually improve its services, it wishes to join in protecting the planet's forests and achieving continuous improvement. To this end, it has decided to develop a quality management and chain of custody system based on the ISO 9001 standard and the FSC standard.

Our Quality Management System reaches all our company departments, paying special attention to the quality control of goods and services and to the general process of "Provision of comprehensive advertising services instead of sales."

At CANVER PLV, SL we are committed to complying with the requirements specified by the interested parties: both the legal and regulatory ones, as well as other requirements to which we want to commit ourselves, we will seek the satisfaction of all parties and we will proceed to the continuous improvement of the System of Quality Management through quality objectives and its continuous review within the framework established by this document.

Our Quality Policy is supported by the following guidelines:

  • Guarantee attention to customer needs
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Bet on a trained, qualified human team with the necessary attitudes for the performance of teamwork.
  • Establishment of a dynamic of continuous improvement of the processes and services that we offer to our clients.
  • Comply with applicable regulatory and regulatory requirements, included in the ISO 9001 standard and in the current FSC standard
  • Effectively develop all your processes and activities.

The protection of the environment is a determining factor in the development of our activity, which is why CANVER PLV, S.L. take care of the training and sensitization of its employees, the active participation of our staff in the FSC chain of custody system will be encouraged, so that special attention will be paid and paid to the suggestions that are presented in this regard.We also intend to commit ourselves to the values that promote the FSC Policy, publicly declaring not to be directly or indirectly involved in:

  • The illegal trade in wood or derived products,
  • The violation of human or traditional rights in forest exploitation,
  • The destruction of high conservation values,
  • The conversion of natural forests into plantations or other uses,
  • The introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest management,
  • Violation of the ILO Conventions and social and safety and health requirements at work

CANVER PLV, S.L. expects and wants to actively collaborate with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the world's forests are managed responsibly.

CANVER PLV, S.L undertakes to communicate and enforce this policy to all the staff of the organization, as well as to make it known to those who may be interested.